Vocals, Guitar

NameDanny Meyer
Instrumentvocals, guitar, keys
When did you start playing your instrument?I began taking keyboard lessons at the age of six, started playing the guitar approx. at the age of 12 and one year later I founded my first band being a singer as well.
How did you become a musician?I probably only became a musician because my mum secretly signed me on at a local keyboard school 😀 2004 (back then I was ten years old) the German metal band OOMPH landed a big hit with their track “Augen Auf”, which I listened to the whole day. Before that I time, I didn’t really listened to alot of music, although my father shaped my music taste since I was a child with rock like ACDC, Aerosmith. Meat Loaf and Co. After I discovered the music of Metallica, It’s been all up with me!
Favourite bandsAvantasia, Sonata Arctica, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Johnny Cash, The White Buffalo and so many more
InspirationsTobias Sammet as a great Songwriter, James Hetfield as charismatic frontman and Steve Lee as absolutely exceptional singer (rest in peace legend!)
Favourite song by OversenseWhite Wolf, Purgatory and Wild Hunt
Best concert you’ve ever seen?The White Buffalo in Frankfurt 2017 and System Of A Down at Rock Im Pott 2013
GearShure 5575, specially costumized ;-), DĂźsenberg 49er and Breedlove Pursuit Concert, as well as diverse ESP and Ibanez guitars, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and Avid Eleven Rack, Earnie Ball strings
Other hobbiesendurance sports, programming, gaming, no time for more
Since when have you been you playin with Oversense?Since the very first day!